Namiri Plains lodge

so sorry everyone but the pictures don’t seen to load but it is all staggering and not really what I imagined. I left the Ngorongoro crater this morning through mist and rain. The vegetation was so different as we dropped down into Masai grazing land. Everyone greets you even from the road… with ‘Jambowhich is like ciao or ola!! You have to leave that controlled area into the cast Serengeti. This is why I came. The birthplace of man and endless savannah dotted with umbrella acacia trees. We pulled up so close to some lions… and old mum, young male son and female.   Elisse shows me how to distinguish male and female and age!! A several cat with pointed ears, eagle and secretary birds… everything but far apart. Arrived at the tent … its remote and totally breathtaking. Will try with pics. Miss you all. Xx

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  1. Hi Carol. Just caught up with your blog after a few days. You are having an amazing time and such experiences! Bet you’re loving every minute! Take care and keep posting! Lots of love Barbie xxxx

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