A wild life sanctuary

Yesterday after driving for over an hour across endless grassy plains and seeing no one,  my guide pointed out a mother cheetah and her 4 cubs. They were about 4 months old so they will live. Because of predators there is only a five percent chance of survival. She stood protectively on a termite hill and her long body, almost like a greyhound, covered her young. She was on lookout. We drove to within 6 feet of her and it was wonderful that she knew we were not a threat and ignored us. Elisse radioed to the cheetah researchers and after 20 minutes Denis rolled up.  Her name was Tia Maria. It was her third litter. There have been so many moments especially with the birds and the elephants.

My tent is huge. The lights are solar powered and every day they bring you  a flask of hot water and glass bottles of mineral water. The bed is huge and every night I find a hot water bottle in a knitted cover. I have two showers, one inside and the other outside with shoulder high wooden panels. Its fabulous because as I give myself a good scrub and send back the Serengeti dust that I have collected all day which is everywhere, I look across at the umbrella acacia trees, the savannah and endless empty plains. There are only 8 tents and the chef here is outstanding. Dinner is outside under a tree, after drinks around a fire  The table is covered in white linen…… miss you all



3 thoughts on “A wild life sanctuary”

  1. Sounds amazing! Is it warm during the day and cold at night? You look wrapped up on your picture. Enjoy the rest of your trip, lots of love Kerry H xxxx

    1. Thanks Kerry, just learning how to work this site😬😬😬. Its baking in the day, the Serengeti gets windy with dust everywhere but a clear sky means its chilly at night. The clothes are for protection..xx

  2. Sounds fantastic, so glad your having such an amazing time . Love reading your blogs, keep up the good work xxxx stay safe love you lots xxx💖Lynn, colin & George

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