St Jean Pied de Port

The name is bigger almost than its size but my introduction to it and the little cream and rust railway station belied the next problem. Gorgeous blond receptionist showed me my room with a smile to die for, not bad for a  55 year old. Then the problem happened. I tried to unlock the padlock on my case but it just wouldn’t budge. In a nutshell, its Saturday the garage and every one but St Peter was out. I’m not good with tools at the best of times…no pun intended, that is an entirely different matter. No hope for it as the zip came away and completely broke my new case. Disaster. My life was in it. 30 degrees of heat and I’m jogging….JOGGING to the Carrefour to buy another case. Sorted, luggage transferred. Well, an aperitif was called for…an annis…very French.  I needed to eat though as well so  fell in with some amazing Irish ladies…aren’t they always funny and full of life and crazy too. I was the only one to speak French so I deciphered the main courses which were pigs foot, duck ribs??? Or sausages in tomato’s sauce, so I ordered steak!! The girls went for sausage..good choice especially with my half carafe of wine!!!

It actually is the most wonderful little town, so medieval and with cobbled streets built up on vertical hills. Of course after the suitcase travesty…it was a NEW one..daaah…I needed my Credencial stamped to say That I had arrived and was ready for the trek. Why did I feel so calm? Needless to say the pilgrim office is situated in the highest part of town. I needed oxygen before I was initiated. I couldn’t go to bed without a red wine…what is wrong with me. I put it down to shock.

Im still having difficulty puttin pictures up, it keeps saying error…ah never mind. Bye bye St Jean de Port…6am start tomorrow. I left you when I had only just met you.

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