Paddington arrives at Hogworts

It was my son in law that laughed when he saw the blue shiny label on my case. “It’s Paddington” he chuckled. Well if I had had  some marmalade I might have felt less empty.It was the realisation finally now the day had dawned that I would be away for ages on this Camino walk. The sun had risen, the sky was blue but my stomach was sinking  as I hugged my gang of little people. I have never likes goodbyes, or even to say it. My gut feeling says what if its goodbye forever? So I don’t say it.
Dropped off at Lime street and I couldn’t resist looking up at the clock. Do Ihave OCD? I have to check the time and the platform. Platform 9…9 and a half maybe? I felt like I was off to Hogworts and had turned into Harriet Potter. Aren’t railway clocks beautiful though. I love looking at the back of the one in the D’Orsay, but here I am in sunny Liverpool and today it’s MY clock ticking away. My internal clock catches up with it and I know there is no going back. So many people have been in touch and wished me well that it almost feels like they are helping to push me along….so I’m resolved not to let anyone down. I did get lost in thought as the train sped along the countryside to London until an announcement came very loudly over the speaker,
“This is your Guard speaking….this service and Euston station will not be open for business tomorrow and the following day, please make sure you have made alternative arrangements”
Gulp, why is it when you are on your own you have a brain flip. For a nano second I wondered if my journey went into tomorrow..phew, I was safe. It was Friday, I am almost there. Maybe I was still coming down from the Ofsted inspection. What an intensive day, daughter away, I have to drive through the night and it lasted so long that I think I grew a beard. But….but…. it was SO POSITIVE….said in shouty capitals….SO POSITIVE …? that now we all love each other forever..?.but will they all forget me when I’m on the road? ?
Thank you staff for singing in the restaurant at the top of your voices,”..and I have walked 500 miles….”. Oh and…Please can we get a Llama for the Nursery instead of minding a snail. We can take it home for weekends!!!

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