Manchester, Dubai,Nairobi,Kilimanjaro ?

I arrived nearly in one piece. Manchester terminal 1. was a gross disaster, Dubai was a silver gilded palace, Nairobi had a field of zebras next to the runway ……?and Kilimanjaro was a pretty hut.

Rushing to make my connection was only hampered by me getting locked in the toilet with my bags outside ???. Shouted for help but the handle fell off!! I made it,,, want you all with me in The Lake Duluti Serena hotel near Arusha, Tanzania.

Its under the hump of Africa to the east and just below the equator!!! Look me up ..

Kiddie facts, Mount Kilimanjaro is 5,895 meters high  it’s the tallest mountain to rise up from sea level. It’s an extinct volcano and has 5 different biospheres. The top one where the snow is will eventually melt by 2020 because of global warming !!?

9 thoughts on “Manchester, Dubai,Nairobi,Kilimanjaro ?”

  1. Oh my god Mum!!!! So glad you arrived safely, I tracked your flights. Enjoy and keep writing. Love you lots xxx

    1. How is Harry on her medicine? Miss you and just getting used to the site. I’m replying to comments but I don’t know if everyone sees them or how you see them? Xxx❤️??

  2. Omg only you could do that ha ha ?? what a start to your amazing journey.. so glad your there safe, love the photos keep them coming xxxx love you lots & very proud of you ??

  3. Well done mum, Africa is one special place, it will continue to blow your mind. Keep taking photos, maybe some of the big five and a few of yourself would be good to look at!
    Can’t wait to meet you in Brissie, at least I’ve got you in this hemisphere ❤️️

    1. I’m nearly there honey. I left the Serengeti this morning. My guide was the most amazing lovely man. We did stuff with the cheetah researchers!!! See you soon xxx

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