Day 2 Ngorongoro crater.

Another amazing day. Elisse my guide is so knowledgable I’m in his shadow. Today was a drive around the Ngorongoro crater which is actually a Caldera. It looks like a crater with a 250 Kilometer rim and 26 km across which is a 1000 feet below the rim at 2000 ft. It’s chilly in the morning and baking hot by 1 pm.  So many animals s birds but spread out. You have to look for them. Thank god for my binoculars but wilderbeast and zebra and water buffalo you could almost touch. Hyena and jackal and elephants!!!!! And wart hogs and lions !!!!!!! I miss you all so much. Xxxxx  will try again with the photos. Xxx

One thought on “Day 2 Ngorongoro crater.”

  1. Wow sounds breathtaking cal, George told his geography teacher and he did the lesson all about Kilimanjaro. Looking forward to seeing the animal photos xxxx ??

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