On the way to the Atlantic…Muros

I came to terms with not walking because that day we explored the beautiful town of Muros’s with its hundreds of mussel platforms. You could tell that the road was getting nearer to the Atlantic and as we walked into the town, Antonio my guide with the long hair, explained that apart from China, Galicia was the second largest exporter of mussels. There was no mention of scallops though and for what seemed like almost 2 months I had spent my days walking past direction posts that featured the pilgrim motif of the scallop shell.

Maybe the pilgrims over the centuries had eaten them all?

The town looked prosperous and so unlike the deserted farm villages I had walked through. The Marina dominated the sea front with boats pulling in mussels and restaurants full to capacity. Antonio said I could climb up to the church…after all that walking…was I going to say ‘No’. Of course I did, passing the imposing Town hall and winding up 70 steps or so. Easy easy!!

Typically the church was buzzing with Sunday school groups and needless to say it was lavish. I just had to stop and take a picture of the Lady chapel… I will get to the end of the world today!